Hey Ya'll

I'm Kayla and I'm obsessed with business and cannabis. My passion in seeing the vision of others come true motivates me to bring value in areas I see fit to help you succeed. The experience I have gained in the cannabis industry over the last 10 years has helped me to gain knowledge and insights valuable for cannabis entrepreneurs. OGK Professional Services was created to assist individuals on their journey of entrepreneurship, specifically in the cannabis realm but we like to dabble in other ventures too. We offer an array of different services to fit the specific needs of your business. It is my mission to motivate, educate and advocate within the cannabis world by using my business acumen to help propel the industry forward. My desire is to help destigmatize and demystify the cannabis industry based on conscious evaluation of the research and data available to us. It is my goal that we utilize cannabis and the businesses created thereof in the most efficient and effective way possible!

My Story

For starters and to give context, I'm from Texas (where cannabis legislation is far behind compared to other parts of the United States). It wasn't until a vacation to Denver, Colorado that I started to learn about cannabis and its' medicinal benefits. I was intrigued by the science but at the same time I noticed a lack of education on the business and consumer side of things. I wanted to solve this problem but I was unsure how since at the time a career in cannabis was unheard of. 

Still, I had to learn more about the plant and the emerging industry so I packed up my things about 6 months later and moved to The Mile High city. I soaked up knowledge from cannabis thought leaders and those we label as "legacy". I visited a vast array of dispensaries and cultivation facilities asking 100's of questions and participated in any cannabis event I could find throughout the state. I then brought that knowledge back to the south, where cannabis was most stigmatized. 

At this time, I was in college and earning my degree in business but I was unsure how I was going to use it. I was taking an entrepreneurial course and one of our projects was to write a business plan for our faux business - yep, you guessed it. I wrote a business plan for my faux dispensary. Little did I know, it was only the beginning of my career in cannabis. It was just the motivation I needed to create what was a seemingly non-existent career path.


That same year, I graduated with my business degree and played a pivotal role in bringing cannabis to the south. Voters in Arkansas voted yes to Issue 6 - The Arkansas Medical Marijuana Amendment and shortly after I assisted in opening one of the first dispensaries, located just a few miles from where I attended college. It was vital to me to have education as a priority and ultimately that is what set us apart from the other dispensaries in Arkansas. Our knowledgable staff was able to guide the industry in a way that set the tone as a legit career path for others. 


That's when it took off. I started meeting others that were on their own career path in cannabis and collaborating with them and their various business ventures. After realizing entrepreneurs in the cannabis industry had a true need for business management just like any other industry, OGK Professional Services was brought to life. 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect!

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